Moltemplate Reference Manual

The official moltemplate manual (available HERE) contains several short chapters that all moltemplate users should probably read (chapters 1,4,5.1-5.3). (Chapter 3 can be skipped on first reading.)


The best way to learn how to use moltemplate is to find an example which is similar to the system that you wish to simulate and modify it. The complete list of moltemplate examples is available here

Other tools bundled with moltemplate

Several other programs are included with moltemplate, such as,,, and Most of these tools are used for converting files or creating the LT files that moltemplate can read. Documentation for these supporting programs is available here. ( is also documented in appendix B of the moltemplate manual above.)

Talk slides discussing moltemplate

Some slides used in public talks describing moltemplate are available here.
Andrew Jewett